Novel Jack: ISOBUS compliance

certified by AEF according to ISO-11783 standards

Until recently, connecting different implements to the tractor could be problematic because it required many control devices and various cables, making everything difficult to manage.

ISOBUS is the standard protocol allowing to manage communication between tractors, software and equipment of the main manufacturers, enabling data and information   exchange in a universal language through a single control console integrated in the tractor cab.

Thanks to ISOBUS, it is possible to control from a single display every compatible equipment connected, for improved operating efficiency.

Being ISOBUS certified, Novel Jack is the first jack able to communicate according to the ISOBUS protocol with the Virtual Terminal located in the tractor cab, which the operator can control the movements of the jack from.

The "AEF Certified ISOBUS" label shows that the component has passed the AEF certification procedure.

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In 2019 SIMOL obtained the AEF ISOBUS certification for Novel Jack at the REI Foundation laboratory, a structure enabled for ISOBUS certification (according to the ISO 11783 standard), both for the software and for the hardware part.

The implementation of the ISOBUS certification is a fundamental turning point for SIMOL, to be fully involved in   the “Precision Farming” process, as it allows the jack system “Novel Jack” to communicate with the ISOBUS compliant tractor and equipment through a universal language.

The AEF certification label shows that the component has passed the AEF certification procedure.
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The AEF – the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation is an international and independent organization. Its main objective is to support and promote the implementation of electronic standards in agriculture that have been developed and adopted by the international community.

The AEF was founded in 2008 by seven international ag equipment manufacturers. The organization aims to improve cross-manufacturer compatibility of electronic and electric components in agricultural equipment, and to establish transparency about compatibility issues.

AEF has currently 11 core members and about 200 general members,including SIMOL SPA.

The AEF ISOBUS functionalities defined by AEF form the basis for the certification of Isobus products. Aef's task from the beginning was in fact to develop a binding ISOBUS certification procedure to ensure compatibility.

For this AEF has developed the AEF ISOBUS conformity test, which aims to ensure that the ISOBUS products actually support a specific functionality, i.e. that they comply with the ISO 11783 standard and the AEF supplementary guidelines.

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