The first automated hydraulic jack, for greater safety and efficiency of towed agricultural equipment.

Novel Jack

Novel Jack is the first automated hydraulic jack, ISOBUS certified and ISO-12140 compliant.


Dati tecnici

<span id="dati-tecnici">Dati tecnici</span>
Outer tube (mm) Stroke (mm) Unitary weight (kg) Max. static load (kg) D - Total height when retracted (mm) G (mm) I (mm) L (mm)
Ø85 305 45 8500 829 430x285 45 1043
Technical features:
- Double acting swivel hydraulic jack with two block valves, with automated tilting system, ISOBUS certified and ISO 12140 compliant.
- Operating pressure 217 bar
- High performance certified according to ISO 12140: static load = 8,500 kg (tested up to 17,000 kg), lifting capacity = 8,500 kg, side torque class = VI


Advantages of Novel Jack

Novel Jack offers a combination of innovative features, which make it a one-of-a-kind solution and much more advanced than all other jacks on the market, both mechanical and hydraulic:

1. ISOBUS certification (ISO-11783 standard)

Until recently, connecting several implements to the tractor could be problematic because it required many control devices and various cables, making everything difficult to manage.
ISOBUS is the standard protocol that allows you to manage communication between tractors, software and equipment of the main manufacturers, enabling the exchange of data and information in a universal language through a single control console integrated in the tractor cab.
Thanks to ISOBUS, it is possible to control from a single display every compatible equipment connected, for improved operating efficiency.

Being ISOBUS certified, Novel Jack is the first jack able to communicate according to the ISOBUS protocol with the Virtual Terminal in the tractor cab, which the operator can control the movements of the jack from.

2. Automated jack operations

The jack operations can be controlled while sitting comfortably in the cabin, through the ISOBUS Virtual Terminal. 

ADVANTAGE: significant reduction of physical labour (there is no longer the need for manual operation of the supporting jack) and greater work efficiency.

The traditional manual operation of the jack limits the productivity of agricultural work: Novel Jack, being fully automated, ensures that operators perform the lifting/ levelling process of the towed equipment directly from the tractor cab, reducing fatigue and activities without added value.

3. Enhanced safety through advanced sensors to reduce farmers' accidents

The operator, thanks to NOVEL JACK, can control the movements of the jack directly from the tractor cab, without the need to approach it to visually follow the lifting / levelling operations of the towed implement, thus avoiding potential hazardous situations.

Traditional supporting jacks require an operator who oversees the actuation operations of the jack, to verify the presence of all the correct operating and safety conditions.

In addition, Novel Jack is fitted with sensors able to detect any ground anomalies, thus preventing the risk of potential collapse of the implement if the ground is too unstable.

The jack can be accidentally positioned on an unstable surface, a circumstance that can make it difficult to reconnect the trailer to the drawing vehicle and in the worst case that can lead to the trailer tipping over when disconnected from the tractor.

The tilt sensor fitted onto the Novel Jack system records the inclination variation of the connected implement during field movements, warning the operator of any danger.

It is also possible to monitor, even remotely, the applied load on the jack, with great advantage for safety.

Thanks to the optional wireless module the Novel Jack system can in fact communicate to the operator any setting changes even when the implement is disconnected from the trailer.

4. High performance certified according to ISO 12140 while keeping a compact size

We are the only company on the market to have designed and built an internal test bench, to perform specific stress tests to assess the compliance of our products with ISO 12140.

Thanks to our unique test bench, we certified the performance of Novel Jack according to the requirements of the aforementioned standard, through the execution of specific mechanical strength tests and long-term reliability and functionality tests.

5. Novel Jack control unit and advanced sensors: safety guarantee

Novel Jack is equipped with an electronical control unit and sensors that make it interactive.

It detects the applied load and any anomalies of the ground on which it rests, controls the height of the implement towing hitch, facilitating the coupling/uncoupling steps of the trailer from the drawing vehicle and ensuring a high level of safety.


6. Patent for innovation

Simol Spa obtained several acknowledgements and patent for Novel Jack.

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