ISOBUS Virtual Terminal

How Novel Jack maximizes efficiency

Virtual terminal: Novel Jack's technological interface

Virtual terminal: Novel Jack
ISOBUS technology introduces a substantial change in the tools available to operators to conduct their work.

In the tractor cabs, real on-board computers supervise the machine and support the user in the execution of operations, trying to alleviate the heavier and more worn ones thanks to new techniques in the joint automation of the tractor-equipment system.

The ISOBUS technology is user-friendly, easy to understand and it allows a standardization of the command and control of tools even if coming from different manufacturers.

Thanks to the ISOBUS system, a single graphic terminal (the Virtual Terminal) in the tractor cab can control all ISOBUS compliant implements connected: only one terminal for a large selection of implements, regardless of the manufacture.

ISOBUS AEF functionality: UT Universal Terminal

ISOBUS AEF functionality: UT Universal Terminal
This specific functionality (highlighted in the AEF ISOBUS label) is the capability of operating an implement with any terminal; also, the capability of using one terminal for operating different implements.
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