European leaders in the market for support wheels and jacks

Since the 1960s, our job has been to create quality supporting jacks, used with every kind of towed equipment, initially for the agricultural sector and subsequently for car trailers, trailers and industrial semi-trailers, to extend our ranges to the field of road maintenance, airport maintenance and artificial snow.

Throughout the history of SIMOL, the drive for innovation was always constant, thanks to the great attention paid to the latest trends in technological innovation.

In particular, in recent years innovation accelerated compared to the field of "precision agriculture": the new agricultural revolution, aimed at enhancing farming productivity and meeting the growing food demand of a constantly increasing world population.

In this scenario, major agricultural machinery manufacturers need a fully automated support system with advanced safety features to offer their customers.
They also require the new solution to be fully ISOBUS compliant.

After years of research and development we developed NOVEL JACK, the first jack on the market that is fully automated in the conduct of its operations and ISOBUS certified.

NOVEL JACK is the response of SIMOL to the need of operators in the agricultural sector for an automated solution that increases their safety while offering greater efficiency and productivity.

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